In 2016/17 we visited Nepal. It was our second trip to arguably the most beautiful country in the world and without question natures' best kept secret. 


This time we had travelled to trek the beautiful Annapurna Circuit in the centre of Nepal. 20 days and circa 130 miles over gruelling terrain and rising up to an altitude of 5,416m over the Thorung La pass and in the coldest imaginable temperatures. 


It was over 10 years since our last visits and significant progress has been made to Nepals road networks and connectivity. However, in 2013 a massive earthquake hit the region, with the loss of over 10,000 lives. The impact is still clear to see. Kathmandu and the ancient city of Baktaphur were heavily affected, but it was in the villages and mountains where the greatest impact has been felt. 


Homes have been lost and families are still living in temporary accommodation, unable to afford the cost of new houses. Local schools are gone and there is no money to rebuild or to fund the cost of teachers. Many children walk over an hour (some for 2 hours) in temperatures well below minus 10 to get to schools in neighbouring villages!


We want to help rebuild schools and eduction and contribute to help sustain the village communities of Nepal.

We will make a contribution for every event The Crafty Pony Bar attends.