Lined with copper, The Crafty Pony Bar is the perfect addition to any event. Weddings, parties, festivals you name it.

We are fully licensed and ready to go.

Prosecco & cider for a most unusual wedding
Summr garden party prosecco bar
Parties & festivals
Happy Hour

Traditional, formal or quirky, The Crafty Pony offers a choice of beers, prosecco/champagnes, wines, ciders and cocktails for any occasion

Corporate or local - festivals and fetes, hospitality,  or country fair

Birthday, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, school reunion,  festivals and celebrations

Bubbles to get you giggling! The Crafty Pony Bar - traditionally made local beers and ciders and carefully selected prosecco and champagnes



Alpington, Norwich, NR14 7NH

E  -

​T  - +44 (0)7730817110

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